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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Poem:

When I Met Death

It was late or early in the morning
I looked outside and noticed an eerie light
At least it wasn't boring
The moon or street lamp illuminating the night

Even though I couldn't sleep
I laid my head down and closed my eyes
I tossed and turned, laying in a frustrated heep
I changed my mind and started to rise

I looked and there stood a man in black
where there wasn't a minute before
I said hello to the mysterious man, cutting him no slack
the man turned chilling me to the core

But to my surprise it wasn't a skull to great me
instead it was Johnny Cash
that came to collect my soul's fee
frozen stone cold I was unable to dash

Johnny flashed that famous smirk when I asked
What are you doing here?
In Florida's  hot sun is where death basks
So, I'm filling in, have no fear!

You came to collect my soul, but why?
because your a fan, was his reply.
You drank and drugged and lived a long life
Don't you think I'm too young to die?

Johnny answered again:
I know what your saying
but its not my call
and i have to add in this matter the big GUy isn't playing
So, I better not drop the ball

How can this be?
I haven't seen the world!
I am only Thirty
as I spoke my fist curled

Woa! Wait a minute Boy!
before you get ruff
in this task I take no joy
I didn't mean to put you into a huff

despite your age
you have touched the hearts of many
when you turn this next page
what you taught them will be remembered plenty

See, son, you don't have to worry
in the morrning you may be gone
from tears their eyes may be blurry
but they will know how to sing your song

Speaking of which, it is time to go
I'm singing tonight with good ol' June
She hates to be alone to start the show
so, I have to get to the Pearly Gate Hall soon!

I am pretty sure you don't have a choice
but if your still not down
just use your voice
and later in life is when i'll be back around

I wasn't one for rules
so, let me tell you one more thing before I go
just because you have seen death don't be blue
live your life like there aint no tomorrow

You know just one more truth
you live forever in your loved ones hearts
so, don't be afraid to be a goof
they are the fruits that show your smarts

I know this seems a little heavy
but Johnny really let me live
all because I wasn't ready
a second chance he did give

his exit was as awesome as his act
in one turn he was playing
being introduced as the man in Black
is what the announcer was saying

Oh, what a sight
to see Johnny fade away
his music filling the night
on my pillow my head still lay

although I was conscious
the entire concert I got to hear
now wondering what was like on his bus
forgetting about this I did not fear

So, When m\y wife awoke i told her
the music and his words fresh in my head
she asked if I was sure
As sure as I am that I'm in this bed

She was Jealous of my interaction
torn over her mixed feelings
trying to find some satisfaction
unsure of my revealings

you dream about Cash
What do I get?
 Glimpses that are gone in a flash
could put a normal person into a fit

I will praise God
that you are hear another day
and Johnny Cash
For not taking you away!

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