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I LOVE God, I have been married for 5 years to a wonderful woman, I am a recent college graduate of Lakeland college with a degree in Religious Studies,I have currently foregone going to Seminary, but feel called to work with teens and young adults and do so at my local church, Vineyard CC, in Grafton, WI.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just an introduction to my thoughts


   I thought I would make my first entry short and sweet by introducing my thoughts a little more. One of the first things you might be wondering is why I said Punk in a subsidiary of Christianity. Well the answer is easy, the whole premise to punk music, lifestyle, and other eccentricities is a call out to the status quo that there are changes that need to be made and things that need to be said that aren't. This may be a rather simplistic explanation of the punk culture but as we continue this journey a expanded definition of this culture will be illustrated through my ideas and visions for the future. This relates to Christianity, how? When Jesus lived his words were just as radical as the words and ideas of the punk culture of now. Jesus and his disciples were nomads walking from city to city trading teachings, healing, and miracles for food and places to stay. Again, if you are aware of the punk lifestyle you will now of the traveling that is done and the connections that are made through the love of the music and the spread of a message.
   I see part of my call to ministry to reach out to the outcast, just as Jesus did. While this may sound like something you have heard before, I do truly mean these words. The Church should be a place that never closes. It should be a shelter for those who are downtrodden and pushed to the margins of society, ignored and bullied! The Church should not discriminate, it should be color blind, it should have no gender preference, and no sexual orientation preference! Jesus loved everyone and spread that message where he could and I am called to do the same.
    I recently saw a video where two punk kids were interviewed by Enoch magazine, http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8ab3h_punk-rock-vs-the-church_shortfilms. They were asked about faith, the church, and being punk. One of the most startling things to me is that they mentioned how the Church closed its doors to them and did not offer them a place to stay when they went to a new town. All I can say is what are we doing? As a punk (hair, tattoos, piercings, and all) I know the stigma that would be offered to them as they pass through some church doors. I call out to all churches and say that is high and by time that we actually open our doors to the outcast just as Jesus showed love to the outcast, demonstrating the kingdom of Heaven to all those around him.
     These things are the things that I know the Church can and should offer. Likewise, I hope to have a hand in bringing on changes like these. With these final words I would like to thank you for reading my introduction and let you know that I look forward to sharing my future thoughts with you. Peace and God's blessings upon you my brothers and sisters.

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